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Law Firm Autopilot

Apr 13, 2021

These books have been influential in helping many successful people learn to “work smarter.” Study them carefully

Strive to absorb the key principles so they become part of your regular thought patterns. Once that happens, your massive success is virtually guaranteed.

Show Notes

Apr 6, 2021

Scaling your business in a sustainable way is possible, but the way to do it is counter-intuitive for many reasons. In this episode, I'll complete my 3-part discussion of this issue and recommend a sane, sustainable, and effective solution.

Show Notes

Mar 30, 2021

I've been participating in Melissa Shanahan's 30-day sprint. I've gained so many valuable insights and practical takeaways that have helped me start working at a much higher level.

The way Melissa gets results is by helping you achieve more—but without that achievement coming at the expense of your enjoyment of life....

Mar 23, 2021

While email overload might seem like one big reason for our being mired in busywork, the root cause is something deeper. In this episode, I’ll lay out the real problem and start to share some thoughts about the best solution. And we’ll be talking about the solution for the next few episodes because the best solution...

Mar 16, 2021

Keith Lee is a good friend (and fellow contrarian) from back in 2010 when he started a law blog called Associates Mind. In this episode, we'll reminisce about big shifts that technology has created in the legal profession over the past decade.

And we'll focus on a new tool that now makes it easy for lawyers to provide...